Surprisingly, it is pretty difficult for me to sum up an about me page for my blog - as a fashion enthusiast I am extremely drawn to searching through page after page of clothing to find, what I would idealise as being the 'staple' outfit for every day wear. I am very much drawn to minimal wear as you will find on my page.

Fashion drives me forward in the sense that I will happily browse through pages of photographs relating to fashion and this fills me with so many inspiring ways to put together my wardrobe and of course hopefully inspire others to find their 'ideal' outfits.

The name of my blog 'infashionflare' was initially inspired for my love for flared sleeves, whilst the ever driving challenge to stay 'in fashion'. 

In my younger teens I would not be fashion forward to wear outfits which I would believe would make me look 'different' than others. Now if I see a fashion staple that stands out I will be first to grab it from the shelf and eagerly wear it. That's what fashion is all about - in my belief - wear what makes you feel content but also gives you that edge to stand out.

I am an avid social media user so to keep up to date with my latest looks and general whereabouts in the fashion world, find me on Instagram @infashionflare.




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