Thursday, 26 April 2018

Our bedroom renovation.


At long last having found the perfect apartment based in the town center we was able to start making the apartment feeling more homey. Since November I have been scrolling various interior home design ideas, with my favourite looks being Scandinavian. FYI if you are doing any home renovation the best place to start looking for inspiration is Pinterest. I have found so many inspiring ideas from this app.

Back onto the bedroom, when we first moved in the bedroom the bedroom took quite a lot of work but after laying wooden flooring and painting the walls grey the room was already falling together in place. I adore white flooring, sadly we could not opt for it all over the apartment but we did settle to have it placed within the bedroom making it one of my favourite rooms due to the minimal and simple colour palette.

I have yet to find specific art work to hang on the walls and I am a little afraid of marking them with holes, particularly as I have a habit of moving things around every so often! If anybody has any ideas for artwork without the mess please do let me know!

For the bedframe we chose a simple minimal frame, which I just so happened to come across on Pinterest and fell instantly in love. The desk is a bamboo top which is a beautiful material to have encorporated within our room. The large French style windows work really work to make the room look more open plan with the added benefit of gazing out when working on projects.

One of my favourite pieces has to be the large Persian Rug which adds a bit of colour without taking away the minimal, chic, Scandinavian theme.

The wardrobe I have actually had for so long but with its large size I have kept with it. The bedroom does not have a walk in wardrobe and this is one thing I wish for.


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