Saturday, 24 March 2018

Why I adore berets and layering. [ edit ]

Okay I admit I am completely late on the scene with berets but having seen so many of my favourite style pages wearing the beret hat including Paloma Wool, Alwaysjudging and one my absolute favourites Belle I found my very own. I personally think you can never go wrong with the soft colour patel shades so when I found this white wool version I had to get it. I also have found myself getting lost in layering recently (so to speak) and today I went for a classic chic look with the Paloma Wool Leandra shirt, super oversized white shirt layered on top, blazer and trench coat. Not only did this look so chic it also kept me super warm and cosy... what more can you want from an outfit?

Also the 'it' pants by Mango were an absolute must to add to my wardrobe staples. I love the fact that they are super high waisted and although they lack the 'super oversized flare factor' I am SOOO in love.

I hope you angels enjoy this outfit as much as I do.


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