Sunday, 31 December 2017

How to be and dress chic: 3 easy steps.

If you are like me then looking and feeling chic, particuarly in this cold weather is difficult. As much as I love layering sometimes you just want to look and feel chic without the extra layers. Here I have styled a pair of corduroy pants which I have been desperate to get my hands on after seeing them on some of my favourite bloggers. After checking the stock levels on Mango for the hundreth time I finally managed to get a pair of these sassy cordoruy pants for myself. I think I have stumbled across my new addiction as I simply cannot get enough of corduroy clothing now.

3 simple steps I swear by when creating a chic yet easy to put together outfit:

1. Statement earrings are a must - there are sooo many statement earrings you can get your hands on and most of which are super cheap. Case in hand, these Mango face earrings were under £10!

2. Keep the colours 'plain'. Floral patterns can be super cute and all but sometimes can be too over powering when on pants for example or shirts.

3. Flare pants are an absolute MUST. It seems so strange to me as I used to deteste flared pants but now I see them in an entire different light. Flare pants look SO good with just about any outfit and can really make it look so chic its crazy.

Case in hand, this outfit was so easy to put together.

Wishing you all a successful, healthy and happy new year ahead. It is hard to believe that today marks the end of 2017. I am so looking forward to new inspiration and sassy outfits for the New Year.

Mango Corduroy pants | Topshop patent shoes | Mango face earrings


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