Saturday, 6 May 2017

Why I believe in simplicity within my wardrobe.

As a fashionholic (if that is even a word), I have an ultimate obsession with browsing the web for new additions to add to my wardrobe and of course feature on my website. With minimal designs as key to building my wardrobe, accompanied with my LOVE for statement pieces, I generally keep overely patterned designs off my list as a rule and instead opt for simlicity and minimal designs as my 'go to' pieces.

As a fashion blogger, admittably, it can be difficult to not get drawn in by the 'latest trends' but as Rei Kawakkubo quite righly pointed out 'people just want cheap fast clothes and are happy to love like everybody else.' As easy as it is to get swept into going down that road, I opt for saving up for statemnt pieces which I not only fall in love with, but more importantly can wear over and over again. Fast fashion trends are a big no no for me unless I picture myself wearing them a lot down the line.

Back onto the topic of 'why I believe in simplicaity within my wardrobe', it simply comes down to the factor of purchasing pieces which not only make me feel like an ultimate babe but can be mix and matched into various designs and not go to waste and just sit there looking pretty.

One of my favoruite statement pieces has ultimately been the Orseund Iris off-shoulder knit I absolutely love this piece whilst Paloma Wool have eye opening pieces which again are minimal in design yet can be worn in so many ways.

My motto is stay with minimal designs, keep it simple, yet make a statment in your own way. 


Zara floral boots |  Vintage wicker bag | Topshop boutique trouser | Kylie K Majesty

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