Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Cherry red dreamin'.

Cherry red dreamin' and YAS I am still embracing the sock and sandal look. 


ORSEUND IRIS off-shoulder knit |  vintage Dior heels |

Sunday, 21 May 2017

May edit guide.

More inspirational products to share with you angels. Of course there is another DREAMY perfume on my edit guide and that is again by the uh-mazing Byredo my new favourite scent and need I say May is my birthday month.

There probably is not a better top on the market than this Saint Laurent sweetheart top. YAS the price tag is absoltely insane, but that is not to say that it will not find a place within my edit guide. FYI if any of you sweets know of any top like this PLEASE do let me know.

There is nothing better to have than a designer bag within your wardrobe and this Louis Vuitton clutch is friggin' insane.

All links to my edit guide are linked below.


PALOMA WOOL Guiri 1 Jumper |

Whoever said sandals and socks could not work was SO wrong.

Today after what felt like endlessly putting together lists of potential items to style I decided to try white socks and Dior sandals. Could this actually work? The little voice kept nagging me in the back of my mind, after all I am always one for trying the 'unthinkable' but today was hardly the weather for   sandals. I have to admit I had my doubts but after stunting around for a little while with my crisp white socks and Dior sandals I found myself LOVING the look. Again another fashion no no I have always heard but yet can be completely dismissed.

Styled with a super oversized shirt, DREAMY corset and oversized baggy boyfriend jeans I created this pretty bad chic look and let me tell you it is not a look that I will be getting bored of anytime soon. 


ORSEUND IRIS STRUCTURED CORSET |  ORSEUND IRIS Silver Necklace | Vintage Dior sandals | Vintage Wrangler jeans |

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Cool girl.

Having a 'cool girl' attitude is never easy, espically when you doubt yourself and everything seems like a constant battle, but when it comes to clothes I think I have that worked out (at least I do for now). Oversized clothing has always been my thing in the sense that I can style an outfit and make it look super chic, oversized sleeves in particular speaks volumes to me in an outfit. I have an overwhelming tendency to seek out oversized pieces just for the hell of it. It is still a little on the cold side to flaunt too much skin so this works super well. Case in hand this oversized shirt looks MAJOR chic thrown over a lingerie piece and flare trousers and of course this Louis Vuitton piece completes the look. 

Happy May angels!

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