Sunday, 23 April 2017

Obsessing over flare pants.

I never thought I would say this but I am currently obsessing over pants. Anything with huge flares and I am your girl. After seeing these on the rack I literally had to run and grab them to try them on and they are now my absolute favourite. Aside from obsessing over pants (yes I said it), I have started putting together 'wishlists' and I get so excited over the prospect of checking items off the list (FYI I an super organised in my personal life) and being the silly person that I am, I totally forgot to share my wish list with you angels so will have to upload that for my next post. 

On another note I have invested in this life saver lens and now my photo quality is super dreamy I had to snap up some photos today in one of my favourite attire. I am (well should I say partner) is getting used to the lens but the quality is INSANE.  I will continue to work between both lens but for now I am totally diggin' this one. 



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