Sunday, 9 April 2017

How I face challenges.

I do not think that it would be fair to do a post without statement earrings now - as they are my favourite piece of an outfit and YAS I never even knew I would be saying just that but they really are. I love hunting down (high and low) statement earrings and especially unique pieces like these are so DREAMY and of course so' Vogue.

Aside from my casual statement earring obsession (the collection is forever growing may I ad) I am being faced with a string of 'challenges' in my life right now so I thought what is a better way to conquer then by sharing a little old post with you guys. I don't know about you but facing challenges for me does not come easy - its far more simple to blot it out, pretend it isn't happening and hope for the best. Although it's natural human instinct to do this I guess finding that momentum to push forward and overcome what is it that we fear facing is what we need to be doing. So how is this possible for us when we fear something? I find focusing on the future is absolutely necessary for me, writing down goals, what I would like to achieve by this time frame and how I can get there. Sometimes doing simple things such as writing things down really helps to stay focused and on track, whilst allowing us to reflect on what we have managed to achieve. Taking small steps, no matter how small they might be, with a positive attitude really does help. As I have said on so many occasions being 20-something is not easy but sometimes you have got to put your worry in a bag (so to speak) and just keep doin' what you love. 

Oh and I am totally diggin' this outfit to high heavens right now. Just look at dose' sleeves.

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