Saturday, 15 April 2017

How I discovered my own style.

As a blogger and facing the dilemma of what styles to shoot on a weekly basis thrown in with the whirlwind of daily fashion trends on social media platforms, it becomes the 'norms' to follow those trends so to speak. Stepping outside of that zone and following such trends can be tricky but you have to ask yourself what is my personal style? What do my readers want to see? Here you need to step back and discover what style speaks you.

Over the past few months I have fell in love with what I would consider to be 'my personal style' and what I feel is ME. I think it is an uh-mazing feeling in itself when you find your own personal style and what works for you and to find pieces of clothing that make you feel like a mega babe when you step out of the door. Aside fro the dilemma of picking what to wear - I am a sucker for determining an outfit - discovering statement pieces that are bold and chic is a pretty awesome feeling, as I am sure you know how you feel yourself when you find those dreamy pieces.

For now, I am going to step back and enjoy discovering myself and putting together more badder, bolder, dreamy pieces.

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