Saturday, 11 March 2017

The statement earrings.

This season for me is all about ridiculously oversized clothing down to your ankles type of thing and statement earrings. I have always had a sincere love for oversized pieces and with us heading into Spring I thought what is a better way to start this season than some bold oversized statements pieces - and this is exactly what I did.

Lately, I have become pretty obsessed with vintage items and by vintage I am specifically referring to denim. In fact as of late, I have only been buying denim jeans from vintage stores and let me tell you they really are the BEST. In fact will I ever buy jeans from the high-street again? Probably not - unless they are high-end from Off-White C/O designer type of deal then that may be an exception. If you have not tried shopping vintage for jeans specifically I really urge you to do so - I have discovered some total jems' and yes they are pretty unique in the sense that not 'everyone' is wearing them and that unique factor is everything in the fashion industry. Trends come and go but denim is here to stay.

Like most girls I use Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest as a constant source of finding inspiration and by any means of coming across some seriously UH-MAZING statement pieces to add to my wardrobe. I have always been drawn to creating pieces which are minimal and with little patterns -dare I say I have opted for stripes which is stepping a bit out of that 'plain' box. But hey I like it whoever said stripes could not work? As this blouse is absolutely insanely beautiful.

For now you will catch me wearing these ridcliously oversized pieces until summer emerges I think - and I have to say it is something I am certainly frigging lovin'. 


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