Saturday, 18 March 2017

Stop killing your dreams and follow your heart.

I felt like mixing it up and thought why the hell not do a more personal post which maybe some of you can relate to. As I have grown I have realised how life is really nothing without taking risks. Go and chase that dream you had to start your own business, or that dream of becoming the next international designer - who says you can not do so other than your own doubts? It is so sad to me to hear the word 'settling' forming into a conversation with a friend, family member or someone I barely know. I know life sometimes gets the best of us and hey responsibilities come to the forefront - but there is a reason to keep fighting and chasing after what you deserve - as long as your breathing keep going and pushing to your best self. I have always had an ideal approach in my mind that I would have a dream job by 24, be settling into my first mortgage paid property, climbing up the property ladder and so on. It was not until now I realised nothing comes that easy - unless your extremely fortunate that is. It is SO easy to sit back and look/over analyse all of the negatives and see what you have not achieved YET and let that get the best of us. But the settling 'category' was something I did not want to fall under. So here I am today chasing towards that dream job and trying to have a more positive outlook rather than just seeing all the negatives and obstacles to get there.

More importantly, do not forget that it is possible to achieve a lot more than just settling if you are not willing to let the 'risk' factor take over - and use your mind, spirit, passion and positive thinking to drive you forward - these very things will lead you onto the right road. I promise.

Here's to all the 20-something's chasing after THEIR dream and taking all risks to achieve it - regardless of self doubt.

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