Friday, 3 February 2017

Cherry red dreams.

You babes know how much I love 'staple' yet minimal pieces in my wardrobe, you know those pieces you instantly fall in love with and just know you will wear again and again? This cherry red top is yet another of those staple pieces that I just lurve' to see hanging in my wardrobe and yet another favourite. When I saw this piece not only did I get a bit overly excited to see it in cherry red, I may have got a bit too happy in fact to the extent I was ringing my partner full of excitement to which he replied 'oh right'. Most men seriously do not understand the excitement us girls get from clothes. With this top in this colour it is certainly something to get excited about. 

Another thing I have been super excited about was getting my hair blonde... believe it or not after a bad experience before I told myself I would never dare blonde again but after taking the plunge and going to the hairdressers I have fallen in lurve' all over again. Ombrè is certainly a trend I am lurvin' and would seriously recommend it to any of you babes, I promise you won't be disappointed if you find yourself an experienced hairdresser, one of which you can fully trust. It is also not difficult to maintain if you use masks regularly and purple shampoo is a life saver for getting rid of any brassy tones which are a no no. 

Of course with this top being off-the-shoulder the sheer thoughts of leaving the house in it was quite daunting to say the least, but coupled up with this super cosy fur coat I was feeling warm. I swear I could live in this coat. On another note, who needs chunky knits when you have a fur coat right?!

ORSEUND IRIS off-shoulder top // ORSEUND IRIS silver jewellery set // And Other Stories faux fur coat // Zara clear heel boot


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