Saturday, 18 February 2017

How to be Parisian.

I have been meaning to do a post on the 'Parisian look' for a while now. I love my wardrobe to be filled with minimal basics and always find investing in 'bold' statement pieces which are minimal in design are absolute must haves. Today I styled an oversized shirt with a black corset on top and I had myself a minimal 'go to' outfit with little effort, paired with oversized jeans and pointy heels and I was feeling like a Parisian chic. 

Another thing I am totally diggin' right now are these pointy cut out heels, although they are an absolute pain and a half to walk in (blister nightmare) just look how haute and sassy these are. 

It is fair to assume I was indeed feelin' super chic walking down the streets in this outfit. The perfect Spring outfit... seriously can not believe it is Spring already?

I am wearing:

Other Stories: Fur coat | ORSEUND IRIS structured corset |  ORSEUND IRIS daisy choker |
Vintage jean | CelinĂ© vintage heels | H&M oversized shirt (similar)

Monday, 13 February 2017

Being a fierce chic: exposed bra cup details.

Today is all about exposed bra cup details with completely oversized jeans (that could fit two of me in) and pointy crisp triangle cut heels. May I add when I saw these absolute killer shoes in the shop I almost died they were simply perfection with that oh so CelinĂ© look, they had me at the get go and were an instant hit in my wardrobe. You guys know how much I love minimal staples and these definitely tick that box. 

Since the weather is getting colder (and colder) it seemed absolutely necessary to wear this uh-mazing fur coat which makes me feel super cosy regardless of what I am wearing underneath. I love adding a hint of colour to my outfits and this pastel blue shade really worked well with the added exposed bra cut details from the top. I am a sucker for buying items which are minimal in design with that hint of something extra within the simplest of details. I am in utter love - this may explain why I have this bra cup top in three different shades already.

Aside from this outfit I am striving to improve my web design, particularly with having more readers I feel its super important to not only deliver content that you guys like but also something that is eye-catching and fits 'me'. I also promise I will be featuring my first ever designer bag purchase with you all very soon after running into hiccups from an overseas seller I will be opting to go directly to the store to select my favourite sometime this month. I could also do an unboxing if you guy were interested? Do let me know. 

ORSEUND IRIS off-shoulder knit //  ORSEUND IRIS daisy choker //  vintage triangle pointy shoes (very CelinĂ©) // Ray Ban sunglasses //  Other Stories fur coat //  Gucci double G belt // 
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