Saturday, 28 January 2017

Feelin' like a NYC girl.

There is nothing I love more than finding (or should I say hunting down), the perfect faux fur coat and this baby was something I have been eagerly waiting to get my hands on, inevitably being sold out each time I looked until today and let me tell you babes it was worth the wait this coat is to die for I mean just look at it.

Let me tell you I have spend an endless amount of time scrolling through both my Instagram and Tumblr feed browsing through what seems to be like endless faux fur coats and this definitely screamed 'me' for two reasons, the colour being white (one of my favourite colours) and yes it was available in the UK (tick, tick). On the point of drawing inspiration, I am absolutely lurvin' Tumblr atm (if you are not already you can find me username infashionflare). I was noticing a clear trend between fur coats being styled by epic babes across the States and this coat has certainly got me feeling like a cool NYC girl. 


Another thing I am totally obsessing over right now is this ultra DREAMY silk top, by one of my fave babe brands Orseund Iris, how beautiful is this piece though? As you can imagine, my dreams came true when it styled so well with this fur coat of dreams. For now I am totally loving the vibes of this outfit. As always shop this look below sweets.

On another note if you have a Tumblr page please do let me know, I am always looking for new inspiration to draw from. Happy weekend.

ORSEUND IRIS Silk Set // And Other Stories faux fur coat // Eye Buy Direct eyeglasses //


Saturday, 21 January 2017

Girl gone wild.

'Free the nipple' vibes were written all over this post and embracing the comeback of the corset had to be done and as much as I feared it, I have inevitably fallen head over heels in love with the return of the corset. I have spied a lot of corset designs recently from all of the top social networking sites to VOGUE.

If you are like me and tend to not overly follow too many trends and instead go for clothing which is minimal yet eye catching then you are my type of babe. This corset definitely fits this category.
1. it is not patterned - be it or not patterns quickly go in and out of style.
2. it is a colour that can be incorporated into a wide outfit portfolio (you name it).
3. it for me, is something that will not go out of style within the next month. You gotta love corsets.  
4. this corset can work all year around, layered or not layered it will work.

The big question being - is it worth investing in? Hell yeah it is for sure! FYI, do be careful if you have bigger boobs or alternatively wear a thicker tee. 

ORSEUND IRIS is most definitely a brand which I forever have my eyes on and adore. The designs are so 'me' and the tops are something I see myself wearing timelessly. 


On another note jumping back to my wish list I posted sometime last month ( I have finally treated myself to ordering the Gucci Dionysus bag from my wishlist after lusting after this for quite some time, I am pretty certain I will instantly fall in love when it arrives and I desperately can not wait to feature it on future posts (you know what to expect), that being said it ticks another item off my ever growing wish list. The satisfaction is so intense to check items from my wish list... don't you just love the feeling?! 

What are your stables this month? I would love to hear your ideas. 

P.S Kudos to you uh-mazing people taking part in the women's march today you guys are awesome and inspiring to those around you!

ORSEUND IRIS: Structured Corset // ORSEUND IRIS: Leather Neck Tie // Gestuz: jean // Yeahotmess: Super Soft Tee //  Zara: Clear Heel Ankle Boot // Eye Buy Direct: Prism Eyeglasses in Ginger //  

Saturday, 14 January 2017

'Effortlessly' standing out.

If you are like me, and find yourself asking that all important question of how can I effortlessly stand out from everyone else? We have a similar view. After scrolling through what seemed to feel like, endless pages of clothing I found myself falling in love with this super chic fur coat and I instantly knew I had to have it and here we have it on.

Admittedly I was a little reluctant, ok maybe more than a little, to buy a fur coat after previously having what felt like failed attempts of finding a fur coat which didn't make me look no better word to say hideous, this one however is UH-MAZING and if you haven't already picked yourself up a fur coat like this one, this season I have to point out that YOU definitely should babe. 

This coat fits a dream and literally can be styled with pretty much any outfit you name it, 'effortlessly' standing out is screaming out with this coat. Throw on a plain tee, corset belt, jeans and boots and you have yourself a super chic outfit. 

Another element I am incorporating into my looks and I am totally diggin' right now is this leather ballerina pink neck tie, throw this on top of your outfit and you really can captivate that 'effortless' look, which I totally lurve!

P.S. My best advice for 'effortlessly' standing out - DRESS FOR YOU. BE BOLD. DARE TO BE DIFFERENT.

ORSEUND IRIS neck tie //  And Other Stories coat //  Levi jean //  ORSEUND IRIS silver jewellery set //  Eye Buy Direct eyeglasses

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