Saturday, 19 November 2016

Christmassy wishlist.

ORSEUND IRIS knit corset // Gucci mid heel leather loafers //  Mango applique leather loafers //  Jo Malone perfume // JORD Wood Watches Frankie Ebony & Gold // Gucci Dionysus //  ORSEUND IRIS leather neck tie // Shrimps Lassie coat

It is quickly approaching that time of year again, when we all go desperately searching for the 'perfect' gift solutions. INCASE you have still not decided or are searching for some items for yourself, I have put together a few of my favourite picks which admittedly I can not get these items out of my mind.

1. ORSEUND IRIS knitted corset - it comes as no surprise that as a fashion blogger I am constantly searching for the best eye catching items to add to my staples, this most certainly meets that category. Mega babes at Orseund Iris provide everything you need when it comes to finding the ultimate eye catching tops. Here is my favourite corset top which I will be desperately trying to get my hands on which comes in two shades beige and pink.

2. Gucci leather mid loafer - this would not be a wish list without some Gucci. My picks are these beautiful mid loafers which ever since laying my eyes on these babies I have been lusting after. The detailing alone is uh-mazing and I am sure these would be most girls dream.

3. Mango applique leather loafers - staying on the topic of shoes just look at these leather loafers. The detailing alone is enough to win me over and the price tag is also something to note. The sizes appear to be selling fast so bag these babies whilst you can, at present my size has sold out (cries inside), there is however a few sizes left if you are quick.

4. Jo Malone perfume - staying on point to the christmassy theme of course I had to add a perfume on my wish list, my choice being this super sophisticated bottle and equally promising uh-mazing smell. A must have for any girl.

5. JORD Watches - if you follow me on Instagram you will have noticed a few posts featuring this unique wooden watch. I love the uniqueness of the design, it matches my needs perfectly as it does not feel like you are even wearing anything on your wrist, in the sense that its extremely light weight, this is so ideal for me when I am at university and the design is beyond stunning. Of course another colour is on my wish list. You can shop mine here.
They are also currently running a GIVEAWAY for a chance to win a $75 JORD e gift code or $20 JORD e gift code for anybody that enters, this ends on 11/12/16, simply click here to enter.

6. Gucci Dionysus - this iconic bag has been sweeping the internet by storm, I have noticed a number of blogger babes who have this bag and each and every time I stare at it, it certainly drives me to want it more. Ultimately it comes as no surprise that this baby would be featured on my wish list.

7. ORSEUND IRIS leather neck tie - this cheeky leather neck tie would go down a storm in any outfit  choice and of course therefore had to be featured in my wish list, this would make an ideal gift.

8. Shrimps Lassie coat - I wouldn't be me if I didn't add a Shrimps item to my wish list introducing this killer coat.

Here you have it, my christmas wish list summed up into a few items. I hope you can draw some inspiration from these items and feature some into yours! I will try to incorporate a 'small gift ideas' section to my blog very soon.


Wednesday, 16 November 2016

THE top of dreams is back and in pastel blue.

ORSEUND IRIS off-shoulder knit ||  ORSEUND IRIS silver set jewellery ||  Gestuz denim jean ||  H&M padded puffer coat ||

If you follow my posts you would have already seen this as some may say, eyebrow raising top in my October post and yes I did happen to list it as my favourite top to date. This fact still remains but I have managed to score it in another colour - introducing the ever so dreamy pastel blue shade. For me finding outfits which 'stand out' from the crowd are ever so important factors to putting together staple outfits and of course standing out as a fashion blogger is not so as easy as it may seem.

What makes this my favourite top to date? Well aside from the utterly uh-mazing bra cup wire details - the flare cup sleeves literally hit the nail. I feel if I was a top this would be ME.

Matched with minimal silver jewellery you have yourself the PERFECT minimal outfit.

Another brand I have been following lately is Gestuz, who produced these ever so uh-mazing pipe detailed jeans. Admittedly I have so far paired them up with endless outfits, after all denim jeans fall so perfectly in an array of outfits.


Wednesday, 2 November 2016

On Wednesdays we wear pink.


Shrimps Smith coat |  Shrimps Scotty Check Wool and Linen Blend Skirt |  Yeahotmess "?" T-shirt |  Keishi Jewellery Gold Moonscape Earrings (similar) |  Tell Me No Lies Boutique gold double chain choker | JORD watches Frankie Series Ebony & Gold |

As a fashion blogger I am constantly seeking eye catching outfits and although admittedly pink is not a colour I wear very often however with this coat and skirts let's just say I made room for this in my wardrobe - and possibly this colour may be even growing on me. If you follow me on Instagram, you will probably be aware of my LOVE for Shrimps clothing and here we have yet another piece from their collection.

Another absolutely AMAZING designer I found was this tee from the lovely designer 'Yeahotmess' designed by Gina based in New York. I absolutely love the softness of the material and the quirky way it has been designed. I already have my eyes set on a fair few other pieces from her collection after all, who can blame me? These tees literally go with anything which make them an absolute must have for any wardrobe.

I am loving chic wear at the moment, I have written a post solely dedicated to the case. This outfit to me was the definition of CHIC. I love the way the green fur collar contrasts with the checked details on the coat - to me this is the perfect jacket and I certainly hope to mix it up with quite a few outfits. Although the colours are strikingly different from one another, I believe it is an adaptable piece.

Minimal jewellery is another key element to putting together the perfect. I have been lucky enough to style up this uh-mazing watch from the designer brand JORD Wood Watches based in the US. All of their watches are unique in the sense that they are all made from hand-crafted wood. Uh-mazing right?  The one I have featured is the Frankie Ebony & Gold which you can shop here.
Keep an eye out for the full review. 

Please do let me know if you buy any of these pieces as I would love to see how you style them.

What do you think of this look? Do you have your eye on any of these uh-mazing pieces?

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