Sunday, 23 October 2016

How to be chic.

ORSEUND IRIS off shoulder knit |  Shrimps Jaguar Faux Fur coat |  Whistles Light Panelled Boyfriend jean |  COS slip-on leather shoe |  VOGUE magazine | Tell Me No Lies Boutique Gold coin necklace |  Tell Me No Lies Boutique gold double chain choker |  Keishi Jewellery gold coin earrings (similar) | Gucci leather belt with double g

As I mentioned in my previous post I would be incorporating this uh-mazing top in more outfits to come and here we have it again - in my next post, I guess I simply could not resist? Now that we have reached autumn I am most definitely starting to feel the breeze and what more better of an excuse to invest in another coat? Ultimately this led me to finding this ultimate chic coat. Introducing this uh-mazing jaguar faux fur coat, coincidentally by my ultimate favourite designer when it comes to coats, Shrimps.

The dreamy ORSEUND IRIS knit top certainly pairs well with the Shrimps Papa Puss coat and now I find myself in a position when I do not want to take it off. Admittedly I have already had a few people turning heads.

This brings me to the topic at hand - how to be chic? Finding minimal staples to add to your wardrobe is one way but keeping up with the latest fashion trends can sometimes be quite draining. For me when I buy an item I want to make sure that it:

1. Stands out
2. Is minimal looking
3. Can be worn with various outfits in an effortless way, meaning I will not have to overly style it - I tend to stay away from overly patterned items for this very reason.

I am forever searching the internet for minimal statement pieces and I have to admit these two certain meet that category. Another thing I am loving is minimal statement jewellery - after coming across an online boutique I was able to find these minimal pieces, which certainly work well for any statement outfit and works really well to enable you to stand out. If you fancy reading more ways to stand out, I have a post all about that here.


Sunday, 16 October 2016

Defying all odds - could this be my favourite top EVER?

ORSEUND IRIS off-shoulder knit |  Gestuz denim jean | Shrimps Gigi Biker Jacket |  Le Specs Wild Child |  Keishi Jewellery Gold Textured Moonscape Earrings (similar) |  Tell Me No Lies Boutique Gold coin pendent |  Gucci leather belt with double G | Vogue Magazine

As a fashion blogger I have a tendency to be constantly eyeing up fashion whether it be on the internet, on the street or in stores, after all which fashion blogger doesn't? I have noticed a trend recently, by means of me finding the BEST items on the internet and sadly they are not always easy to get my hands on, meaning they are based all over the world and let's face it Britain is not the biggest of places when it comes to fashion.

Case example, this absolutely to die for top, by ORSEUND IRIS a fashion brand based in New York. I absolutely love this collection, every piece designed is so so dreamy. This piece has got to be my favourite top I currently own, I am loving every detail, from the exposed bra cup details, to the flare bell sleeves.

This piece works in perfect conjunction with your fave pair of denim jeans. Gestuz are yet another brand I have recently stumbled upon and I love the simple yet effective way they designed this particular pair of jeans from their collection.

I've featured the uh-mazing Shrimps Gigi leather jacket again in this post, let's just say this jacket has not come off since purchasing.

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