Friday, 12 August 2016

What I am lusting over this month.

Ganni California lace dress | Ganni Murphy t | High rise straight jeans | H&M ribbed flounced turtleneck | COS slip-on suede shoes

As a fashion enthusiast I am always searching through tonnes of items to find what I would deem the perfect items for upcoming blog posts and for general fashion statement pieces to be worn every day or special occasions. This month I have came across these above items which I can share with you fashion lovers. Let's start with the Ganni California lace dress - this dress is by all means a statement piece in itself (as featured on my latest Instagram post!) I love the sleeves and the lace detailing in general. While we are speaking of Ganni products I have also snapped up the iconic Murphy tee which Ganni have released new designs for their sold out piece from last season, typically I could not choose between the banana and lemon but ended up choosing the lemon piece in the end!

NOW lets talk about these absolutely urrrr-mazing Vetemen inspired jeans released by H&M they are the ultimate babe jeans but do be aware they come up very small, for myself I had to actually size up by 2 sizes (to put that into perspective)! The bigger the sleeve the better I say and this goes very much by this daring H&M flared top which has just been launched on the H&M website, paired up alongside the COS slip-on suede shoes, you have yourself an amazing choice of statement pieces.


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