Friday, 30 December 2016

Being a fierce babe and saying goodbye to 2016.

If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed my recent post on being fierce and above all being YOU. 2016 has been a hell of a year for me in the sense that I have began to notice who the 'real me' is and by that I mean trying to scaryingly embrace who I am and not caring so much about the opinions of others. Starting a new chapter at University is the new beginning for me to figure out more to who I am and what I want to pursue career wise and of course at the top of the ladder FASHION is going to be in that statement. I am not sure about yourself but for me I find it difficult to focus on 'the future' and what it holds but now I am at that point where I want to focus on achieving the best and learning all the skills I can to pursue my dreams and business propects! It is hard being responsbible right?

Aside from new discoveries and focusing on the future I am here with this UH-MAZING fashion statement piece for you beautiful cuties and this one for sure is killer to end 2016 and wish you all the happiest of new years. I am currently head over heels for this teddy bear coat as it literally looks super sassy with just about everything.

Heres goodbye to 2016 and hello to 2017! 

H&M short pile coat //  And Other Stories flare top //  Gestuz jean // Gucci Double G belt // Eye Buy Direct eyeglasses

Friday, 23 December 2016

Effortless chic - why we should embrace oversized clothing?

Merry Christmas eve cuties! Today I would like to discuss the 'o' word, what I mean by that is 'oversized'. Styling oversized coats have been and always will be my favourite and at that very first sign of cold weather I get super happy at the prospect of buying oversized coats. Why? Not only do they make you feel warm and cosy (obvs) but they also are the centre point to most outfits and lead to so many different ways to style up those all important outfits. Point in hand - this teddy bear coat is my ultimate babe of a coat I AM IN LOVE. Admittedly it was not the easier of coats to get hold of as it was sold out everywhere. That sold out sign however did not stop me and here we have. One of my favourite jackets of 2016? Yes lets add that to the ever growing list. 

Embracing this trend of oversized coats is definitely here to stay when it comes to top styling tips from my wardrobe. My tips for styling oversized clothing:

1. Always remember to style the oversized statement piece with something more fitted i.e. fitted jeans or ones that are simply not too overly baggy.

2. Keep the colours minimal' this is key to any outfit as I find overpowering the colour palette can be hard to pull off... although in some cases this can be done! But when it comes to finding a staple wardrobe I find minimal colours work best and the same goes for styling that 'oversized look'.

3. Above all don't be afraid to style oversized pieces and incorporate them into your collection, this goes without saying but I tend to hear quite a lot about 'not buying items oversized' - or 'this is one size bigger than what I am' but the oversized look can work very well. Point in hand - this coat is actually a size 8 - however it is very oversized and still works so well, bearing in mind that the coat is the centre point of the outfit.

Afterall, whoever said oversized clothing could not make you feel super sassy whilst pulling off that effortless chic. 

H&M short pile teddy coat //  ORSEUND IRIS off shoulder knit //  ORSEUND IRIS silver jewellery set //  Eye Buy Direct Eyeglasses in 'Shade: Champagne'

Sunday, 18 December 2016

Christmassy edit guide.

Gucci distressed appliqued t-shirt // ORSEUND IRIS silver set jewellery // Eye Buy Direct Prism Glasses //  Other Stories sheer lace triangle bra // Keishi Jewellery Gold Textured Moonscape earrings //  Zara short faux fur jacket // How to be Parisian wherever you are

If you are like me and ultimately leave everything to the last minute, yes I'm that type of girl, then you will probably be searching for some last minute items for either stocking fillers or more luxury gifts.

These are my top selection for you angels.



Saturday, 10 December 2016

The teddy bear fur coat.

This season is all about the 'teddy bear' fur look, if you practically live on Instagram like I do you will have more than likely seen them a time or two. So what more of a better way to enhance this look by adding in a pop of pink? I know what you are probably thinking as pink inevitably is not always the easier colour to style! But yes this can be done, whilst it can really help you to achieve that bold look to stand out from the crowd which is something that I am always putting great emphasis on in the ever changing fashion world when 'standing out' from the crowd is pretty much key! Admittedly, there is always those much hyped about items which I too fall head over heels for and go tracking down the items (high and low), when they look ridiculously good on other bloggers! Sometimes adding that extra touch to the look is everything and will make you feel like an ultimate babe if you get it right.


My top tip for making pink work? Simply down tone the outfit by using neutral tones and stay away from using obvious colours that clash if you want to keep the look minimal and chic, which for me is my go to look, minimal and chic.

So if you are like me and do not often mix your wardrobe shade palette up, I urge you to seriously try pink out it can work. I typically associate pink with mean girls and inevitably this makes me love it that little bit more! Let me know what you guys think about wearing pink? On another note, I have become particularly drawn to the teddy coats this season and will be featuring yet another style on my blog very soon cuties!

Topshop pink teddy bear coat //  Gestuz jean // Gucci leather belt with double G buckle //  H&M studio 16 jumper //  Keishi Jewellery Gold Coin Earrings
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