Tuesday, 12 June 2018

What is on my mind. J. edition.

Cèline Alphabet hoops in bass with gold finish |  H&M Studio S/S18 Sandals (sold out - see styled on envelope.no) | Draped camisole dress |  Geometric necklace |

As you may know I have been totally obsessed with jewellery lately and Cèline most definitely have been my go to brand of the season. Case in point, the 'a' alphabet pendant was a birthday pressent from Nathan last month. On my mind this month is the new Alphabet earring collection which Cèline have very recently launched and let me tell you they are so dreamy in person as they are even in this photograph. The 'd' letter would be so perfect.

Did somebody mention dreeammy AF dress? Yes, you can see it on the right. This baby will definitely be on my wishlist this season and the same goes for the H&M S/S18 sandals... I know these babies were released a while back, but as always I am late on eyeing them up, but now I have I am totes obsessed. I love everything about them from the edging details the heel and lace up. They are definitely on my mind. Lasltly this geometric pendant necklace featuring a womans nude body came up on my feed recently and it is so greatly priced it should surely be a must have for us all right?!

(H&M S/S18 Sandals captured and modelled; Photo source: Envelope )

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